Wage Garnishment Release

Wage Garnishment Release

If the IRS is currently garnishing your wages, Resolve Tax may be able to release the wage levy within 24 to 72 hours of retaining our services. Resolve Tax understands the severe hardship that a wage levy places on a household and work quickly to get the levy lifted. If the IRS issues a wage levy to your W2 employer than the levy will be determined based on IRS Publication 1494. If a 1099 levy is issued the amount seized will be 100% of the outstanding invoices at the time the levy is received by your employer. I specialize in fast levy releases as I understand the impossible financial hardship that a wage levy places on any taxpayer. Even if you have not received a wage levy but you have received IRS notices, it is simply a matter of time before you will. I encourage any taxpayer who has not received a wage levy to contact me and let us help protect them from such action ever occurring.
If you have an active wage garnishment and need help attempting to release or are receiving notices from the IRS, please contact me immediately at 1-800-721-3890.

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