Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise provides the opportunity for a delinquent taxpayer to settle their IRS tax debt for a fraction of the total tax they owe.

Affordable Installment Agreement

An Installment Agreement is a payment arrangement to repay your total outstanding debt in monthly payments over a period of time.

Non-Collectible Status

If your financials indicate that your necessary monthly expenses exceed your gross monthly income then your tax file may qualify for non-collectible status.

Payroll Tax Representation

If you owe back payroll taxes, Resolve Tax can help you negotiate a monthly payment plan to repay the outstanding taxes or possibly submit an Offer in Compromise and attempt to settle the tax debt for less than the full amount.

Revenue Officer Representation

If a Revenue Officer has been assigned to your file and you would like more information on your right to be represented, please give us a call.

Wage Garnishment Release

If you have an active wage garnishment and would like out help in attempting to get it released, Resolve Tax can help.

Tax Preparation

Every taxpayer is required to file a federal tax return once they earn a certain amount of income. Whether the IRS has already prepared SFR returns for you or not, Resolve Tax can assist you in this matter.