Testimonials & Success Stories

Past Client Success Stories

These testimonials below offer some insight into just a small portion of Resolve Tax’s client base. Resolve Tax believes they represent a situation that you might be experiencing right now and how we may possibly be able to resolve your tax problem.

Patrick M. from  AZ: Owed IRS $80,000 Settled for $2,987

Resolve Tax is an amazing company. Thank you Mr. Greg J. Lomori for being my representative and negotiating my IRS tax bill down from $80,000 to $2,987. Although the process was lengthy, Resolve Tax was there every step of the way and the results were completely worth it. All of the staff at Resolve Tax works for you and I am so glad I chose to go with this company. Mr. Lomori never gave up in his pursuit to negotiate the smallest settlement and the outcome was beyond what I expected. If you are looking for an honest and ethical tax settlement company you would be unwise not hire Resolve Tax.

David J. from  CO: Owed IRS $30,000 Settled for $20

Wow! I am so happy with the service and outcome received by retaining Resolve Tax. Mr. Greg J. Lomori settled my IRS tax debt of $30,000 for $20. I am still in disbelief. I can definitely say Resolve Tax fought for me and was in my corner throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend this company to anyone with tax issues as you will not be disappointed with the service provided. Thank you so much for all you have done for me Resolve Tax.

Thomas T. from  GA: Owed IRS $10,000 Settled for $20

Resolve Tax has been an absolute life saver. They helped me reduce a $10k tax debt to under $100. They worked this process with great attention to detail and professionalism. Representatives were always available when needed and they provided me with phenomenal guidance. Thanks Greg J. Lomori & Scott Tomlinson for all your hard work!

Kevin K. From  WI: Owed IRS $19,000 Settled for $20

I am beyond words. Greg J. Lomori negotiated with the IRS and was able to reduce my tax bill of $19,000 to $20. Mr. Lomori and the whole staff at Resolve Tax were always available to answer questions and professional. Additionally, Resolve Tax fees were unbeatable and they did not require a huge upfront payment. Rather, I was able to pay their fee in 10 monthly payments. The service at Resolve Tax is top notch and I recommend anyone with tax issues to call them.

 Patricia C. from  VA: Owed IRS $22,000 Settled for $165

Thank you Resolve Tax! I am still amazed that my practitioner Greg Lomori was able to settle my outstanding IRS tax debt of $22,000 for $165. I am now tax debt free because of the hard work of Resolve Tax. I would highly encourage anyone looking for an honest tax resolutions firm to contact Resolve Tax. You will not be disappointed. From day 1, I spoke with Mr. Lomori and he and his staff were always available or got back to me in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, their representation and settlement fee was very reasonable and Scott Tomlinson in billing was always accommodating and understanding in rearranging my fee schedule when needed. I could not have had a better experience or received better results from any other settlement company out there.

Eddie F. from  CA: Owed IRS $16,000 Settled for $20

Resolve Tax service is phenomenal. The Resolve Tax team experts know IRS collections and rules and regulations like the back of their hand. Resolve Tax settled my tax balance of $10,000 for $100. I don’t think there is anything more to say. The results say it all. You will not be dissatisfied if you retain Resolve Tax, guaranteed. Thanks again Greg J. Lomori your the best!!

Jae K. from CA: Owed IRS $225,000 Settled for $20

I want to thank Resolve Tax and Greg Lomori for negotiating a tax settlement of $20. I owed the IRS roughly $225,000 and Resolve Tax reduced to 20 bucks. You would be a fool not to contact Resolve Tax if you owe back taxes and cannot afford to pay them. The Resolve Tax team always returned my calls and provided the service I hired them for and I obviously could not be more satisfied with the outcome.

Jim S. from MO: Owed IRS $86,000 Settled for $620

You have somehow not only did what you promised but have made me realize good old fashioned business on a handshake and a man being good for his word still is alive in a world that has lost all honor for most of the people who have been around to know better! I will in return amaze you with the effort and sincerity that I will display in making sure every contact I have developed over the years is not only aware but will on my word send anyone and everyone to your firm to make sure that a company and men of your caliber can assist other people like myself who made decisions that put them in situations that appeared devastating to any possible future!! You will soon see what goes around comes around in my work and I will make a difference in your’s as you have in mine. I can never thank you enough!! JIM S. My special thanks to John M……

Mary M. from Hawaii: Owed IRS $8,500 Settled for $20

Thank you Resolve Tax. I am so happy that you were able to settle my tax balance of $8,500 for $20. This is the best news I could have received. I am so pleased with your service. Everyone at Resolve Tax has been so pleasant to work with. I was referred and can honestly say that I will refer anyone who needs back tax help as well. Thank you again Greg J. Lomori for all of the hard work.

 Kevin M. from Oregon: Owed IRS $50,000 Settled for $630

I was very leery that any of the tax resolution firms I was speaking with could actually settle my back taxes for less than I owed. I am so glad I retained Resolve Tax as they did just that. They settled my IRS tax debt of $50,000 for $630. I could have never predicted such a small settlement. The practitioner assigned to my file also submitted an injured spouse claim for my current wife who filed jointly with me in 2008. The IRS gave her back her share of our tax refund for that year since she did not file jointly with me on the past tax returns that I owed on. I could not be any happier with the friendly, knowledgeable, and rapid service provided by Greg J. Lomori at Resolve Tax. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Anthony C. from Virginia: Owed IRS $15,000 Settled for $20

I hired Resolve Tax to file past returns and then negotiate a tax settlement for any balances due. Resolve Tax protected my income and assets over the months it took for them to complete the unfiled returns and submit an Offer in Compromise. Resolve Tax was able to negotiate a tax settlement of $20 on my tax balance due of $15,000. I would encourage anyone who owes back taxes to give Resolve Tax the opportunity to represent them as there service is excellent and their fees are reasonable.

Terry J. from Arizona: Owed IRS $23,000 and negotiated removal of penalties to $16,400

I owed $23,000 to the IRS for tax year 2005. I hired Resolve Tax to negotiate a reduction in the penalties owed since I knew I did not qualify for an Offer in Compromise. Resolve Tax was able to reduce my balance due by $6,600 and then negotiate an affordable monthly payment arrangement. I am grateful for the savings and could not have done it without Resolve Tax and the hard work of Greg J. Lomori.

Steve M. from North Carolina: Owed IRS $50,000 Settled for $420

I contacted Resolve Tax because I owed the IRS roughly $50,000 and there was no way I could afford to pay it back. Resolve Tax prepared, submitted and negotiate a tax settlement for me and got my tax debt reduced to $420. I could never have predicted such a huge reduction in my tax balance due. Thank you Resolve Tax for all the help.

Frank L. from Michigan: Owed IRS $10,000 Settled for $20

I hired Greg J. Lomori at Resolve Tax to prepare my unfiled returns. The returns were completed very rapidly and upon completion I decided to hire them to negotiate a settlement since I owed on the returns. Resolve Tax settled my $10,000 tax debt for $20. I did not even have to pay to submit my offer or put any money down and the IRS gave me 5 months to pay back the $20. Thank you for your great work Resolve Tax.

David D. from Virginia: Owed IRS $34,000 Settled for $20

Due to my health issue and other financial problems there was no way I could have ever paid back the $34,000 the IRS claimed I owed. Greg J. Lomori negotiated a tax settlement of $20. He was actually able to get the IRS to settle the total balance due for less than 1% of my total tax debt. I am very grateful that I can now move on with my life as this debt was a major cause of my marital problems and a strain on my health which is already jeopardized.

Every taxpayers circumstances are unique and therefore the same will apply to their potential tax settlement possibilities. Resolve Tax evaluates each potential tax settlement candidate based on years of expertise and knowledge of the current tax code. Resolve Tax also take into consideration prior results and attempts to apply similar tax settlement scenarios to possible candidates. With that being said, individual results will vary based on circumstances, including your ability to provide RT with information that is accurate and timely. Resolution percentages exclude program fees. Resolve Tax does not guarantee that your tax debts will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage or that your tax debt will be paid off within a specific period of time. Resolve Tax does not assume tax debt, make monthly payments to creditors or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice or credit repair services. Read and understand all program materials prior to enrollment, including potential adverse impact on credit rating.IRS Offer in Compromise statistics are available at the IRS website www.IRS.gov by typing “Internal Revenue Service Data Book” in the search box or by pasting the following into your web browser, http://www.irs.gov/taxstats/article/0,,id=102174,00.html. On page 41 of this publication you will find a section called, “Offers in compromise (thousands) [5]” and this will provide the amount of Offers submitted and the total Offers accepted each year.